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Lloyd's Botanical Garden is one of the oldest establishments of its kind, located in the heart of Darjeeling. The garden, established in 1878, was named after William Lloyd, who provided the required land for it. Sprawling across an area of 40 acres, it is dotted with tall trees of bamboo and oak. Carpeted with flowers of Rhododendron, Geranium, Magnolia and Cotoneaster, the garden gets covered with different hues of nature with the arrival of spring. Rare and endemic orchids found in the Singalila Ridge are also preserved in this botanical garden, which also has an amazing collection of 150 cactus and succulent plant species. The rich variety of flora preserved in this place makes it a paradise for both botanists and nature lovers. Another highlight of Lloyd's Botanical Garden is the pair of living fossils, which have been preserved here with utmost care.

Opening and Closing Time: 06:00 am – 05:00 pm (Daily)

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