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The Tomb of Mariam-uz-Zamani is the mausoleum of Mariam-uz-Zamani, the Christian consort of Portuguese descent of the MughalEmperor Akbar.[1][2][3][4] The tomb wasbuilt by Jahangir, in memory of hismother Mariam-uz-Zamani. The tomb is located in Sikandra, a suburb of Agra. Kohinoordiamond and vikramadhityans chair was taken away during this time.The structure was originally an open baradari (pleasure pavilion)under Sikander Lodi, who built it in 1495 AD. It wasadopted by the Mughals in 1623 AD and was converted into a tomb by makinga crypt belowthe central compartment and remodelling it substantially.

The mausoleum contains threetombstones: one in the underground mortuary chamber, which is the grave itself;the cenotaph aboveit; and another cenotaph on the terrace.

The ground floor consists of someforty chambers built by Sikander Lodi, which bears faint traces of paintings onplastered walls. The centre of the ground floor houses the cenotaphofMariam.

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