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Sheesh Mahal or ShishMahal (Mirror Palace) is a royal dressing room located inside the Agra Fortfeaturing tiny mirror-like glass-mosaic decorations, and drums built into thewalls. Located on the western side below the Diwan-I-Khas Hall, this structurewas built by Shah Jehan during 1631-40 as a summer palace and was used forimperial bathing. The palace consists of two large chambers connectedthrough a broad arched opening in the center and two narrow passages onthe sides. Only light that crept in here, reached here through the two doorsand a ventilator in the southern wall. Both these chambers had a marble tankwith fountains and arrangements for hot and cold water. The marble doors wereprovided so that the chamber could easily be used as the steam bath too.Besides the beautiful niches fitted with two inlets for water in the interiorhall, there were two series of candle niches too,where the candles were kept tocast their reflection on the falling water casting a lovely effect.                                                                                                Image result for SHEESH MAHAL