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The Moti Masjid is a white marble mosque insidethe Red Fort complex in Delhi, India. The nametranslates into English as "Pearl Mosque. Located to the west of the Hammam and close tothe Diwan-e-Khas, it was built by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb from1659-1660.

Themosque was built by the Mughalemperor Aurangzeb at the Red Fort complexin DelhiIndia, from 1659-1660 forhis personal use. The mosque was also used by the ladies of the Zenana.The mosque was constructed at a cost of Rs. 160,000.

The prayer hall has three arches,and it is divided into two aisles. It is surmounted with three bulbous domes,which were originally covered in gilded copper. Thegilded copper was probably lost after the Indian rebellion of 1857.

The outer walls are oriented insymmetry with the outer walls of the fort, while the inner walls are at aslightly different orientation to align with the location of Mecca. The eastern door isprovided with copper-plated leaves.

The mosque is plastered in white onthe outside. Inside is the white marble courtyard and a prayer hall, whichstands on a higher level than the courtyard. The floor of the prayer-hall isinlaid with outlines of small carpets for prayers (musalla)in black marble. In the middle of the courtyard is a small, square ablutionfountain. The courtyard measures 40 x 35 feet.

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