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Agra fort is the mostimportant fort of India, the great mughals: Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir,Shah Jehan and Aurangzeb lived here and country was governed from here.Agra fort stands on an ancient site just by the river Yamuna. It was brickfort and Chauhan Rajputs held it. Sikandar lodhi (1487-1517) was the firstsultan of Delhi who shifted to Agra and lived in the fort. It is alsoknown as the ‘Red Sandstone Fortress’. Agra fort has a historicalsignificance of being developed as the spot to safeguard the hugetreasure,including “The Kohinoor”, as baoli (step-wall). Later it was furthergradually developed with the upcoming of every Mughal emperorinto“Badalgarh”. The Agra fort has significance due to its proximity to TajMahal with the most attracting significance of attracting max touriststo watch the beauty of a walled city. It is an epitome of picturesquebeauty and its historical background attracts tourists.

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