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Umaid Bhawan Palace

Umaid Bhawan Palace,Jodhpur. A Maharaja's retreat where guests will feel pampered and spoiled inways that only royals become accustomed to. The lobbyalone is a sight to behold, with its huge, domed ceiling presiding over apatterned marble floor that extends outwards from an elaborate central seatingarea. 
Choose from among 75 rooms and suites in what was once one ofthe world's largest residences. From the ornate Maharani Suite, with etchedblack glass, pink, and mirror accents, to the Art Deco-laden Royal Suites, withtheir fairy-tale views of the courtyard's fountain, each room is the stuffBollywood dreams are made of.
Retreat to the JivaGrande spa to enjoy traditional aromatherapy, and a more colonial game ofsquash. Finally, take a dip in the Zodiac Pool, surrounded by the murals ofStefan Norblin. When hungry, be prepared to be spoiled by the bountifulculinary traditions of Jodhpur: Makhaniya Lassi, Pyaaj Kachori, or for the moredaring, Hot and Spicy Mirchibada.